Qatar Desert Safari Frequently asked questions

Will you pick me up from our residence!
We are happy to pick you up from a private residence if you book a private car, if you are minimum of two persons surely we will pick up you from your residence. For solo travelers if you have shared transport, it is very unfair for other guests to drive around your area while our Safari Guide struggles to find your location, pass through security, navigate the streets and finally find your villa. Instead, we have a central pick-up in each location (Sheraton Hotel entrance, Radisson Blu hotel car park, Villageo mall and any malls or restaurant etc.)
What is dune bashing?
Dune bashing means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes. As the surface of the sand keeps shifting, it takes a special skill and a special type of car to navigate the terrain – usually a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Expect a stop to let the air out of your tyres as reducing the pressure gives the vehicle more traction against the moving sand.
What to expect
The experience starts with pick-up at your hotel or home stay, followed by a 45 minute to an hour-long drive out to sparse desert landscape where there are no city noises to obscure your hearing and no towering buildings to block your view. The dune bashing part of the trip is a bumpy and thrilling ride that lasts about 2 hour. The vehicles travel in convoy and stick close together as they perform their stunts. If you're like me, you will enjoy the slipping and the sliding, the skidding and the spinning - all punctuated by sporadic seat-gripping and different decibels of screaming and shouting. And sand, lots and lots of sand! (These are soft sand – no dusty)
What should I wear in the desert!
The weather in the Dubai desert is very different than in the city. During the day, loose fitting clothing and shoes that can be easily removed (flip flops/sandals/thongs) are best. However, at night, please use the following as a guides May-October – Loose clothing, shorts, t-shirts etc. November – April – Dress in layers. It can become quite cold in the desert as soon as the sun sets. Especially between December-February, the temperature can get down below 10 degrees Celsius. Jeans, closed shoes, shirts, cardigans or even a jacket is required on cooler nights in the desert.
Do you accommodate vegetarian
Most of our dishes are vegetarian. However, if you have a special request or food allergy, please let us know so that we can accommodate your request.
Do I need to tip my guide or driver?
While tipping is always appreciated in Qatar, it is rarely expected, and no matter if one per cent or 50 per cent is given, the most important thing is to treat service staff with respect. A smile and a “Thank you” goes a long way.
I am a pregnant
This is a very personal decision to make and depends on the progress of your pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, you would not be bothered by our guide. No extreme drive, just flat drive to see the most scenic places and the natural border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
How can I pay for the tours I booked?
You can pay cash to driver upon arrival or you can make a bank transfer after your booking made.